Kolkata metro tunnel work in full swing with Covid measures

The underground construction of the Noapara-Barasat via Bimanbandar Metro project is underway. It is in full swing without compromising with Covid-19 pandemic protocols, including social distancing.

A diaphragm wall is being built underneatLh Airport Entry Road at the recommended Bimanbandar Metro station. At the VIP Road and Airport Entry Road crossing, traffic marshalls had been posted around the clock and blinkers used to ensure smooth traffic, said the statement.

Temporary construction of guide walls has been done, the soil is being dug and the cage of the wall is being lowered. The excavator can dig soil from the depth of 50 metres.

The 16-km long route is being built by Rail Vikas Nigam Limited. RVNL had been following the Ministry of Home Affairs’ COVID guidelines including regularly sanitising site offices, labour camps, said, officials. Workers’ health is being monitored and they have been provided with hand sanitisers, soaps, masks and other protection items.

Under the first phase of the seven-km stretch, a bridge and an underground tunnel is being constructed for the upcoming Bimanbandar station (Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport).