Koppal man conducts house-warming event with late wife’s wax statue

On August 10, Shrinivas Gupta, a well-known Koppal businessman, gained media coverage not only for holding a luxurious house-warming function at his newly built luxury villa but also for placing the wax statue of his dead wife to metaphorically recreate her appearance.

Following his wife’s death in a road crash in July 2017, Mr. Gupta continued his ambition to create a luxurious house designed to suit the taste of his wife. In order to compensate for his wife’s absence during the grahapravesha ceremony, Mr. Gupta decided to procure a statue of his wife made for the occasion to replicate the feeling of being with his wife during the grahapravesha ceremony.

Mr. Gupta, a global hair dealer, thoroughly searched the Internet, making use of all his contacts, and visited many places to locate someone who could mold his idea and eventually found one in Bengaluru. The sculptor created the statue using rubber, silicone, wax, and other materials and his customer’s production was satisfactory.

wax statue

The statue in pink saree was, as expected, placed on a sofa in the newly constructed home, and Mr. Gupta sat beside it affectionately for a while. His two daughters were standing on either side of the pair to make it a beautiful family portrait.

Though the statue looked fantastic at the house-warming event, there was a unique appreciation for Mr. Gupta’s passion for his wife and imagery has gone viral.

“If I had the power to infuse life into the statue, I wouldn’t have wasted a single moment,” he said.

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