Lessons Have To Be Learnt From The Past In Bihar, Take Difficult Decisions And Ignore Quick Fixes

Bihar has been the most resilient amid revolutionary changes in the state and mainstream politics over decades now, it had stayed hopeful though no combinations and collaborations of governments worked well in the pink of Bihar’s health yet people votes every time to see some changes at least in terms of their living standards and basic requirements.

Stalwarts of Bihar politics over the years have burdened the state with their loads of unfulfilled promises and massive intractable mistakes. For instance, communal politics has been the root cause of the incarnate hustle and impeccable undevelopment in the state. It overshadowed the enormous potential of the state in terms of education, industry, agriculture, business etc.

Hasn’t it crossed the limit of being hopeful or being silenced over the years?

Yes, Hope is a dangerous thing it could lead us to ignorance for lifetime. Joe Biden in his US Presidential Elections campaigning spoke about “not just with the example of their power, but by the power of their example.” How does implications of above mentioned example could become a parameter for Bihar to stand out? History repeats itself everytime irrespective of which government is reigning over Bihar – often undeserved and without a sunset. Quick fixes should be avoided in terms of employment generation and long term capital formation.

Bihar needs to overcome the 1980s concept to help the poor, the old and the infirm by offering them utensils, colour TVs and gold for daughters’ weddings in some states. Instead focus should be this time on educating girls, empowering them with employability and making them economically independent, which was absent in the core planning of the state’s administration. You cannot ignore the fact that Bihar is not in a condition to be neglected anymore. Newly elected old government need to work towards setting an example and should question itself that..

What is the example being set? What is the power being wielded?

Introspection of state’s administration capabilities and economy conditions is crucial at this stage, next government must keep their milestones and promises intact and must be careful before making long term expenditures which might turned out to be unproductive later. If we draw attention towards Bihar’s per capita net state domestic product in 2019-20 was just Rs 46,664, against the national average of Rs 1,34,226: 34.7 per cent.

It took Bihar nearly 10 years to attain 34.7 percent growth from 34.3 percent, 10 years for 0.4 percent income growth. Though it seems impossible catching up with the whole nation yet not unimaginable, only a good administration could make it happen.

Unemployment above national average, widespread poverty and Bihar produces nothing in average. Bihar’s contribution in the manufacturing sector is 8.7 percent of the National average. Bihar’s rank in ease of doing business in India is 26th in 2019. FDI in the state is 0.01 percent in 2019-20. Statistics reflects the catastrophic conditions of the state of political and historical importance in the country. Data mentioned above shows how entrepreneurship has been discouraged rigorously in the state.

Not a single Bihar’s company has been listed in BSE and NSE for years. There are no such things called private ventures, entrepreneurial ventures, investments, market capital etc. because this state is still dealing with the common daily issues and basic necessities of life.

Biharis are leaving their state in search of jobs every year, state’s brilliant statistics in providing labourers to the country has been the only significant achievement on a national level. Bihar people’s migration has been one of the greatest concern as it may lead to employment insecurities in other states. They are talented people undoubtedly, even world accepts it but unfortunately serving across the world expect in its own state. Accomplished, well settled and highly educated biharis are subjected to move out of the state by default every year in order to expand their business or in search of lucrative employment opportunities.

Next government needs to build a system to stop this massive talent migration because it is unfortunate that state’s talent gets harrased and churning profitable results for some other state or the country. Resource allocation, development, infrastructure, employment, Business securities and optimism are few characteristics of an output generating administration. Temples, loans, cycles, dowry for daughters….

Is this the future Biharis are clamouring for?

No every bihari first of all want an execution system free of nepotism, mismanagement, corruption and expects  transparency in law & order and recruitments and wants proper distribution management system, proper agricultural mechanism and sound healthcare system. They want reluctance in harrasment on the basis of any factors, want accountability and sensitivity towards state related matters. So, basically full fledged transformations in the basic structure of a government and determination in intentions to actually bring change at the grassroot level should be government’s priority.

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