‘Madrassa’ word should cease to exist, schools should impart modern education: Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma

NEW DELHI: Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma stated that entry to any religious institution should be at an age where individuals can make their own decisions.

Children are not able to achieve their dream if they are told that studying in Madrasa won’t help them to become a doctor or engineer  and claiming admitting them to such religious schools is a violation of human rights. Mr Sarma said at a media conclave organised by RSS-linked weeklies Panchjanya and the organiser.

“The word “Madrassa” itself, should cease to exist, if this particular word would be stuck in the mind of Children they can never be a doctor or an engineer.”If you ask a child while admitting him to a madrassa, they wouldn’t agree on the fact that Children are forcefully admitted to a madrassa by violating their human rights,” Mr Sarma added.

Meanwhile after the event, Mr Sarma tried to re-correct his statement and said the madrassas education system should be changed and they should give students the choice to do anything in the future.

“Entry to any religious institution should be at an age where they can make their own decisions,” he told reporters. ”I always advocate for the non-existence of madrassas where religious inculcation is given priority over formal education. Every child shall be exposed to the knowledge of Science, Mathematics and other branches of modern education,” Mr Sarma later tweeted.