Maharashtra: Shiv Sena Asked Local Cable TV Operators To Stop Airing Republic Channel

Continuing the act of threatening and intimidating Journalists and media networking in the country by Shiv Sena on Thursday urged and exclaimed by the local cable operators to ban Republic TV Reporters and network in Maharashtra.

Shiv Cable Sena, an affiliate of Shiv Sena  issued a statement on Thursday asked to ban Republic TV cable operators in the state of Maharashtra. Shiv Sena has also issued a hidden threats to Arnab Goswami led Republic TV Reporters.

This ban comes amidst Republic TV Media’s relentless and agressive Sushant Singh Rajput suicide coverage and the recent controversial demolition drive carried out Sena-led BMC against Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut.

Shiv Sena
Credits : shiv sens cable operator

The letter was issued to the cable operators Hathaway, Den, In Cable, GTPL, Seven Star, City cables any many others. According to Shiv Sena, Republic TV Media has violated Journalists ethics and guidelines by repeatedly using unethical language for CM Uddhav Thackeray, home minister and holding a ‘parallel court’ in Arnab Goswami’s newsroom. Shiv Sena mentioned Sanjay Raut as their ‘Chief Guide’.

Shiv Sena is against Right to Report says Republic TV 

While Shiv Sena attempts to crack down their freedom of speech, Republic TV Media issued, “The Shiv Cable Sena which is part of the Shiv Sena wing issued an order under the “guidance from Sanjay Raut”.

“To use ruling party machinery and systems of intimidation to try and block a news channel from reaching its viewers is a brazen violation under Article 19(1) (a) of the Constitution of India. This outright attempt to block Republic Bharat is an onslaught on a free press and reflects an Emergency mindset which is an anachronism in our times and an antonym to this great democracy.”