Mahatma Gandhi’s iconic glass sold out at 2.5 Cr

A pair of Mahatma Gandhi‘s glasses sold out for 2.5 Crores. The glasses were expected to be auctioned at £15,000 but sold out as much higher price surprisingly.

The legendary Indian leader’s glasses were unexpectedly sold out quite quickly at an auction in Bristol, UK for £250,000 (2.5 CR).

The glasses had belonged to the seller’s late uncle, who had been gifted by Gandhiji himself in the 1920s. Andrew Stowe who was leading the auction biding expressed his feelings by writing it on Twitter :

He said further, “the eyewear, expected to fetch more than £15,000, was the most important find in the company’s history.”

He said the owner “nearly had a heart attack” when he got to know it’s actual value.

Mr. Stow added, “Someone popped them into our letterbox on a Friday night and they stayed there until Monday – literally hanging out.”

“One of my staff handed them to me and said there was a note saying they were Gandhi’s glasses.

“I thought ‘That’s an interesting one’ and carried on with my day.”

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