Mapping The World’s Most-Surveilled Cities, Chennai Leads Asia & London The West

The number of surveillance cameras around the world has grown massively since the world’s first CCTV camera installed in the Germany 1942. As per a survey, “there are nearly one billion CCTV cameras on the world’s streets, but they’re far from evenly spaced. You could walk from edge to edge of some cities without leaving the streets, while other cities are more ‘blind spots’ than ‘in the spotlight’.”

As per Visual Capitalist’s Avery Koop notes, it took 79 years to shift from one camera to nearly one billion of these devices. Surfshark maps hows widespread CCTV surveillance cameras are being distributed across world’s 130 most populated cities. Taking a closer look at the world’s top 10 cities by CCTV density, China and India tops the chart with the highest density of CCTV surveillance cameras in urban areas.

Credits: zerohedge

Taking into consideration the total number of CCTV cameras installed in the city, India’s Chennai has the maximum 657 cameras per square kilometres making it number one city in the world. Making appearance at the second position in the world as a non-asian country, London with 399 cameras per square kilometres cracks the list. After Chennai, Hyderabad and London, China’s capital city Beijing with 1.1 million spread across the city ranks in tenth place.

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