Mark Zukerberg admits Facebook’s ‘operational mistakes’ in turning down militia page

On Friday, Facebook CEO Mark Zukerberg said that the company made some relevant, significant and operational changes in the guidelines.

He admitted that company made an “operational mistake” when it failed to turn down Wisconsin’s militia group’s page that violated Facebook’s rules.

Basically the page belonged to the Kenosha Guard which is a self identified local militia that had virtually organized an event regarding provoking people to take up weapons while protesting over the shooting of Jacob Blake by a police officer.

Mark Zukerberg said in a video on his own Facebook page, “There have been a bunch of media reports asking why this page and event weren’t removed sooner, especially when in this case a bunch of people did report the page.The reason for this is, it was largely an operational mistake.”

After reviewing the pages of possible militia group Zukerberg pointed out the need of understanding nuances said, ” “The contractors and the reviewers who the initial complaints were funnelled to basically didn’t pick this up.”

He said, “later a second, more specialized team reviewing the page did understand the nuance and ordered the page taken down.”

“The team that enforces our policy against dangerous organizations is a specialized team that is trained to look for symbolism and innuendo and different things that require a significant amount of training in some of these cases to understand the details or nuances.”

I spoke to Facebook employees at our weekly company Q&A about what’s happening in Kenosha and wanted to share.

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Friday, August 28, 2020

A teenager has been charged with homicide as after two protestors were shot dead in Kenosha. Zukerberg was having a casual interaction with Facebook employees in Question and Answer sessions.

Some Facebook employees used Friday’s session to sharply criticize the company’s slow response to the violence in Wisconsin as per reported by BuzzFeed News.

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