Medical Aid To Poor Patients In Covid, Philanthrophic Journey Of 60 Years Of An 87 Year Old: Read Story

Covid19 Pandemic is unstoppable and so 87- year old homeopathic doctor in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra who continues to provide treatment to the people of the village.

According to the tweet ANI, “the doctor named Dr Ramchandra Danekar, travels about 10 km barefoot on his bicycle daily to provide door-to-door medical treatment to the poor in the village. Reports inform that the doctor has been visiting patients on his bicycle for last 60 years.”

Talking to ANI, homeopathic doctor said that he has been visiting the villages for 60 years now. He said that there are many doctors who aren’t visiting the villages and due to Covid19 Pandemic doctors are getting scared of treating poor patients but as he elaborated he has no fear. Danekar said, “For the last 60 years, I’ve been visiting villagers almost daily. Due to fear of COVID-19, doctors are scared of treating poor patients but I’ve no such fear. Nowadays, young doctors are only after money, they don’t want to serve poor.”

In India, the coronavirus tally rose to 77,61,312 with a spike of 54,366 new infections and 690 deaths in 24 hours. The death toll due to coronavirus has now mounted to 1,17,306. Maharashtra continues to be the worst-hit with a total of 16,25,197 cases, including 42,831 deaths; followed by Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi.

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