Memory Down The Lane: See Top 5 “Advertisements” Of All Time

Advertisements mean announcement or promoting of product, service or event. The advertisement has been an interesting medium to sell products and services to the target audience.

The companies try to make ads interesting and funny so that people connect to them. Some of the ads come with great visualization and effects.

Here are some of the interesting advertisements of all time:
  1. Ariel-#Share The Load

Ariel launched an advertisement in the year 2016. They did a survey in which 70% of children believe household chores are women’s work.

In the advertisement the father sees her daughter juggle her many responsibilities including managing her son’s laundry and realize that he can be part of the solution.

He shares a load of laundry washing with her wife this shows that load can be shared by both men and women, Why just women take all the load. Hence, #Sharetheload.

2. Vodafone Zoo Zoo

The advertisement was launched in the year 2009 during IPL Season 2.

Zoo Zoo’s are alien-like characters developed by Ogilvy & Mather for Vodafone and became an instant hit during the Indian Premier League-2 (IPL-2) that brought them a massive audience exposure.

These little beings with an egg-head, a big fat belly, and slender arms are weird but very sweet and adorable. People were checking everywhere for ZooZoos on the Internet, including Facebook, Twitter, etc.

3. Nescafe – #ItAllStarts

The advertisement was launched in the year 2014, Nestle India revamps coffee brand Nescafe with new packaging and fresh theme.

The 2 min ad portrays the struggle of Stand-up comedian who stammers a lot. In the advt., the protagonist shares his journey which starts with rejection and made his weakness into a strength.

One day he finally makes up to the big stage as a stand-up comedian. In the end, comedian give credits of his success to Nescafe ” Thank god for coffee. It kept me go go going and kept you a a awake.”

4. Cadbury 5 Star 

The advertisement for the very Cadbury 5 star was launched in the year 2011.

In the advertisement, Ramesh and Suresh two brothers visit a tailor for their father’s pant alteration and ask him to cut an inch. Meanwhile, both of them grab a bite of 5star and get lost in the world of caramel and chocolate.

They, again and again, ask a tailor to cut the pant by an inch as they keep on eating chocolate. The advertisement is funny and tells ” Jo khaaye, Kho Jaaye.

5. Nirma

One of the famous advertisement from the ’70s that is still one of the most favourite jingles of all time.

This is a washing powder advertisement, where all the actors in the advertisement are wearing white and bright clothes. The jingle sings ” Dudh si safedi Nirma see aayi, Rangeen kapda bhi khil khil jaaiye.”

And at the end of the advertisement jingle sings ” Rekha, Jaya aur Shushma sabki pasand Nirma”, means that it is the best washing powder and is recommended for all.