Metoo Allegations On Sajid Khan: Indian model Paula accuses Sajid Khan of sexual harassment

Photo: ABP

An Indian model named Paula accused filmmaker Sajid Khan of harassing her under the pretence of getting her a role in the movie Housefull.

Paula took to Instagram and broke her silence. In her post, she penned a note which stated that she was abused by Khan at the age of 17. “When #MeToo movement started, a lot of people spoke about Sajid Khan but I did not dare to because like every other actor who has no godfather and had to earn for a family I kept quiet. Now I don’t have my parents with me. I’m earning for myself. I can dare to tell that I have been harassed by Sajid Khan at the age of 17 (sic),” she wrote.

“He spoke dirty to me. He tried to touch me. He even told me to strip in front of him just to get a role in his upcoming Housefull movie, ” she continued.

The model said that she did wrong by not speaking about it earlier but has now realized that it had affected her so badly as a child that she chose not to speak.

She also said that such people should be behind bars for casting couch and for “manipulating and stealing away your dreams”. “I did not stop! But the mistake I made was not to speak about it! ,” she added.

During the 2018 #MeToo movement, Sajid Khan was accused of sexual harassment by three members of the film fraternity as well as by a journalist. Actress Aahana Kumra had also alleged that though Khan did not touch her, he had asked her inappropriate questions.