Mithu Hussain and Kabul Khan arrested for breach of Barak embankment causing “man-made” floods in Silchar

Two persons have reportedly been detained in the Cachar region of Assam in relation to the collapse of the Barak river embankment, which caused a devastating flood in Silchar. The individuals who have been detained have been identified as Mithu Hussain Laskar and Kabul Khan.

The arrest has been verified by Cachar Superintendent of Police Ramandeep Kaur.

Khan was taken into custody on Friday night, whilst Laskar was captured on Saturday. IANS was informed by Kaur that the police were looking into the situation.

The Water Resources Department reported unidentified miscreants to the police on May 24 after they broke down an embankment at Bethukandi, some 3 kilometres outside of the town centre, to let rainfall from a marsh spill into the Barak river.

Himanta Biswa Sarma, the chief minister of Assam, has previously declared that the flood was a man-made disaster and that those guilty would face severe punishment. Six people have been named as the culprits of the embankment collapse that resulted in a fatal flood in Silchar town, according to Sarma’s statement on Friday.

When the Chief Minister visited the embankment site in the Cachar district, he showed the locals a video that Kabul Khan had recorded of the breach.

CM Sarma requested the locals to name the voices in the video. Khan was subsequently identified. Six people, according to information obtained, were primarily in charge of breaching the embankment.

“The Bethukandi incident is a big lesson for us. The next time there is a flood, we have to post policemen at the embankment so that nobody can breach it. Regarding the Bethukandi breach, CID has been asked to register a case in Guwahati. Now the case for the Silchar flood shall be registered in Guwahati, people shall be interrogated in Guwahati and all investigations shall be done from Guwahati,” said CM Himanta Biswa Sarma.

In order to allow the wetland’s rainwater to flow into the Barak river, miscreants broke down an embankment near Bethukandi, which is approximately 3 km from Silchar, on May 24. This action resulted in a police case being filed against the miscreants.

The death toll from Assam’s flood catastrophe increased to 173 on Friday, with 29.70 lakh people affected across 30 districts and 14 additional fatalities. The severely damaged Silchar town in the Cachar district is still under water in several places. During a recent visit, the Chief Minister gave a check for Rs 4 lakh to each of the families of the 10 victims of the Silchar catastrophe.