Modi government’s thinking -‘Minimum Govt, Maximum Privatisation: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi while continuing his Tweet attack on Modi government, tagged a media report on Saturday which said, “there would be a freeze on creation of new posts except with the approval of the expenditure department.”

Gandhi made an allegation on BJP government that the Covid19 Pandemic is just an excuse for government to clear permanent staff from government offices.

Congress leader on Saturday bursted on the BJP government and criticised on the issue of recruitment to government posts. He made an allegation on PM Modi dispensation’s thinking is “minimum government, maximum privatisation”.

He wrote on Twitter attacking the government as well as tagged media report signifying the importance of government post recruitment.

“Modi government’s thinking — ‘Minimum Govt Maximum Privatisation’,” Gandhi said in a tweet. He stated that the government’s intention is to empower their friends and Rob the future of the youth. He targeted PM Modi and urged people to speak up and fight against it.