PM Modi’s New SVANidhi Scheme: ‘Empowering Street Vendors For A Self-Reliant India’


Street vending is an essential source of income for approximately 2.5% of the Indian population. A large number of vendors are based off of urban areas. To safeguard their livelihood and make their profession more useful and respectable, B.M.C has devised a policy to regularize this occupation by developing the concept of dedicated vending zones.

BJP announced this scheme through twitter on Wednesday. Modi is also set to interact with some beneficiaries from Madhya Pradesh via video-conferencing on Wednesday.

This initiative witnessed the collaboration of public, private and community organizations to build a market which pays extra attention to the urban poor (Street Vendors). B.M.C, along with NASVI, administered the joint survey that proved vital in this initiative. Government of Orissa provided the land, and an advertising agency built the shops in return of securing advertising rights over it. S.B disbursed all the necessary funds in the form of loans.