Money was stolen from the Indian exchequer in Rafale: Rahul Gandhi

Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) after the eighth month submitted its audit based on performances of defense offset contracts to the government.

In the Federal, Auditor has revealed that the report didn’t have mention of any offset deals related to Rafale aircraft purchasing from French company Dassault Aviation. The government has not yet presented the reports before The Parliament.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has rejected any information to the auditor related to the Rafale offset deals.

According to people related to the audit, The Federal Auditor has been informed by the MoD about the french aircraft company.

They informed and as Dassault Aviation, the French manufacturer of Rafale, has said, “it will share any details of its offset partners only after three years of the contract.”

Last month, India received the first set of five Rafale fighters. In the 36 aircraft deal which was signed for Rs 59,000 crore, Dassault Aviation agreed to provide all fighters inactive conditions between 36 to 67 months. From the date of signing of the Inter-governmental agreement in 2016.

CAG has reviewed only 12 defence offset contracts in its performance audit report submitted to the government in December 2019 as per reported.

“We have been told by the MoD that the French manufacturer of Rafale has not shared any details on the offset deals so far,” sources said.
Congress ex-Chief Rahul Gandhi extorted the government by remarking over Rafale and said, “Money was stolen from the Indian exchequer.”

Sitaram Yechury has also asked a question on Social Media showcasing the concern about CAG’s independent authority under the Modi government as PM Modi’s ex-secretary is now the Comptroller and Auditor General of India.

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