Netizens Attack Kangana For Her Confusion on Twitter; Tells How The Ripped Jeans Must Be: See Tweet

Kangana Ranaut is an actor who has been in the limelight these days for her tweets. The pattern in which she tweets, leaves the Netizens shock. Her latest tweet has kicked up a social media storm when she joined the Ripped Jeans Debate.

Kangana updated an appreciation post for ancient women on Twitter. She commented on American Marketing through western adaptation of clothes. And days later she posted about how a girl must wear ripped jeans so that it looks cool and not a ‘homeless beggar’.  Twitter users left no mark to point out at Kangana’s western dresses that increased the American revenue.

Hey Kangana, Please Make Up Your Mind. Are You Supporting Torn Jeans Or Not?
Credits: Scoop Whoop

People are tagging her with the name of a hypocrite as she herself has done things contrary to her own words. From Ripped jeans to American Marketing she has been seen decreasing value to her tweets.

Some of the Contrary Tweets of Kangana

This Post she posted on March 18, 2021.

While this was posted on March 3, 2021.

See Netizens’ Tweet REactions on Kangana

People seem a little disturbed by what contrast Kangana is setting up on her Twitter profile. The ripped jeans debate was sparked up by the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, Tirath Singh Rawat.

“Showing bare knees by wearing ripped jeans just to look like rich kids is the value given now which is just a race towards westernization when the Western world today is following us. Ripped jeans pave the way for societal breakdown and is a bad example parent set for children,” Rawat said.

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