Not 1, Not 2: Cops in Uttar Pradesh stunned as 27 passengers deboards an auto  

When the authorities in Uttar Pradesh stopped an automobile and discovered the driver was hauling 27 people, they were taken aback. They were astounded to find 27 individuals exiting the autorickshaw, all crammed together.

The police officers’ one-by-one passenger counting video has subsequently gone viral. The UP district of Fatehpur is where the incidence was reported.

The auto was first spotted near the Bindki Kotwali area of Fatehpur when the cops checked the speed gun. The over-speeding auto was chased down by police.

When the officials began deboarding passengers, they were stunned to see 27 people, all cramped up, including the driver, coming out of the auto.

The video has gone viral since it was uploaded. Netizens are reacting on the video. “Attempt for the Guiness Book of World Records was successful, “mocked one online user. “Ye India hai bhaiya yaha impossible ko bhi feasible bana dete hai,” another guy wrote.

The automobile has now been confiscated, according to multiple accounts.