Omar Abdullah To Vacate Gupkar Residence On His “Own Accord”

Former Jammu and Kashmir Omar Abdullah Chief Minister on Wednesday, to voluntarily vacate his government accommodation, which has been provided to him 18 years ago.

This decision has been taken due to the change in rules of entitlement in the union territory.

Abdullah, who was a Lok Sabha member so when the government accommodation in high security Gupkar area here was provided to him in 2002, released a letter on his Twitter handle that he had written in July this year.

His decision of vacating Gupkar Residence that was alloted to him first in 2002, had been already informed to the Administration Secretary by Omar Abdullah.

This Residence was alloted to him when he was Member of Parliament from Srinagar and then after taking over as Chief Minister of the State from 2009 to 2015.

“My letter to the J&K administration. I will be vacating my government accommodation in Srinagar before the end of October. The point to note is that contrary to stories planted in the media last year I received no notice to vacate & have chosen to do so of my own accord,” he tweeted.

Vice President of National Conference said that he is looking for some suitable options of accommodation which might take 8 to 10 weeks in view of the Covid19 Pandemic and its side effects.

He said, ““Consequent upon the change in entitlements for former CMs of J&K some months ago, I now find myself in an unauthorized occupation of this accommodation as no attempt has been made to regularise the allotment to me on security or any other grounds.This is a situation that is unacceptable to me.”

Omar Abdullah said that he has never held on to any government property without allocation. “I have no intention to start now”, he said.