One Nation, One Election: Panel Discusses Common Voter List for All Local Bodies

A meeting was held to discuss the likelihood of instituting a common voter’s list, chaired by PK Mishra, the Principal Secretary to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

PM Modi, Image Source: DNA India

In a recent development, the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) recently held a conference to review the prospects of initiating a common voter’s list for elections to all local bodies, state assemblies and the Lok Sabha.

According to a report, in the conference that took place on August 13, the two options fundamental options for local polls were presented. First, making amendments to Articles 243K and 243ZA in order make it obligatory to have an individual electoral roll for all polls across the country, and second, to ask state governments to approve the Election Commission’s (EC) voters list for municipal and panchayat elections.

Image Source: Zee News

This move is significant when it comes to our nation’s progress as that the notion of a common voter list for all elections is linked with ‘one nation, one election’. This concept calls for a single election for state legislatures, Lok Sabha and Panchayats in five years. Modi had proposed this push this idea during his first term as the prime minister. The common electoral roll was also one of the key promises offered by the BJP prior to the Lok Sabha elections of May 2019.

Numerous committees and institutions have time and time again supported the idea of simultaneous elections openly, as it will save time, money and energy. However, former Chief Election Commissioner said that this change would require an extensive consensus-building exercise, which will not be easy to implement given the lack of trust between the States and the Centre.