Opposition infuriates as New Uttarakhand CM Tirath Rawat equates PM Modi with Ram, Krishna

The recent statement of Uttarakhand CM on PM Modi fumed the opposition parties. They have reacted sharply to CM Rawat’s comparison Of PM Modi to Lord Ram and Krishna. Equating PM Modi with Lord Ram, CM Rawat while speaking at a program on Sunday in Haridwar, mentioned the good deeds performed by Lord Krishna and Ram for humankind.

CM Tirath Rawat as the new CM Of Uttarakhand

Tirath Rawat, who recently replaced Trivendra Singh as the chief minister last week stated, “Lord Rama in Treta Yuga and in Dwapar Yuga worked for the same society and people hailed them as Gods. In the coming times, PM Modi will also be seen at par with Lords Ram and Krishna.” He considered PM Modi to be Demigod.

CM Tirath Singh Rawat is presently a member of parliament and also BJP’s national secretary. He declared that PM Modi is the person, people should look up to. He changed the way people see the world. He concluded his praise by saying, “Modi hain to mumkin hain”.(Everything is possible If Modi is there).

Ironic to Tirath Rawat’s expectation, his praise didn’t go too well with the opposition parties. Former Uttarakhand CM and Congress leader Harish Rawat commented, “I can understand CM Tirath Rawat has just got a new job and got excited. But by no means can we equate a human being to a God. The Chief Minister shouldn’t forget that he represents a state. A state called the  ‘Devabhoomi’ (Above all Gods).”