OTTs Are The New-Age Cinema? See How ‘Play, Pause And Rewind’ Have Revolutionised Viewing

Media Broadcasting has evolved over the years, development is considered the step towards success and new experiences. OTT platforms have gained popularity in a short spam of time. It is a stride towards progress.

Its a paradigm shift, seems the era of  2020 is bringing whole new platform of entertainment ending the dynasty of  cable TV. Cable TV use to be cherished and had its kingdom in 90’s but seems like the digital technology is ending its era of ruling. 

Today consumers have prioritised the content they are willing to watch. They are well aware regarding their choices and empower their access to research. The content providers work as per the demands of the consumers today. The legacy of the name has ended now, earlier a show or movie use to gain its popularity because of the names attached to it the leads or the director etc.

But now content is considered more important. Bill Gates said that “content” is king in 1996, the statement is the  guiding principle for the internet age. But it has never been more accurate than when it comes to describing millennials around the globe today, and their expectations when it comes to the movies or series.

Here are some revolutionary changes brought by OTT Platforms:

Format is your choice..

These platforms have given audience all the power, even for the convenience of the viewers it even offered them two formats to watch a show either as a film or as a web series. It began with The Irishmen, which was a three hour film and as per the demand of audience was later divided into five episodes.


Plot is also your choice…

This is quite a revolutionary and different experience brought the movie Black:Mirror Bandersnatch. This one movie gave the choice of plot as well in the hands of viewers, you can take decisions for your characters as per your choices the story will move ahead. An impeccable experience to have.


Multiple perspective to the same story ..

Perspectives are like two sides of the same coin, the story of Ted Bundy was shown in two different perspective following the same plot. The one him as Ted Bundy: Falling For A Killer and other according to the female characters in his life.

Short Shows – A quick break watch..

Today we all work on Clocks and OTT platforms has given the viewers a choice to work along and entertain themselves on the Clock. The quick break shows of merely 15 minutes are even formed, so that become source of entertainment when you shift from your work desk to the lunch table for 15 minutes.

Breaking the language barriers..

Content is the king with OTT platforms, now audience can view some amazing local shows as well in different language and can enjoy the plot. This is the reason shows like Money Heist are well appreciated today and actress like Nawazuddin Siddiqui got international recognition for the iconic character of Ganesh Gaitonde.

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