“Our Supreme Court petition makes an incredible strong case” : Omar Abdullah on fight against Article 370

Former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Farooq Abdullah and his party National Conference (NC) is adamant to fight against the implementation and for the nullification of Article 370.

The Party’s believes that the article 370 had stripped Jammu and Kashmir’s autonomous status legally and politically but also peacefully.

Constitution’s 35A Article which empowered the state legislature to define favourably the permanent residents for government jobs and property ownership was also discarded last year when state splitted into two federally running territories.

Omar Abdullah
Joint interview of Omar and Farooq Abdullah on fight against Article 370. Credits : Hindustan Times

During a Joint Interview given by Omar Abdullah and Farooq Abdullah to Hindustan Times, Farooq Abdullah said, “Our petition (before the Supreme Court) makes an incredibly strong case on a simple point: a governor cannot assume the powers of an assembly, and an assembly cannot assume the powers of a constituent assembly.

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Because if an assembly can assume the power of a constituent assembly, tomorrow what stops a state in the North-east that has a simmering discontent from converting their assembly into a constituent assembly and then saying, ‘I have the constituent assembly’s powers as demonstrated by J&K (Jammu & Kashmir) and therefore I am redrawing our relationship with the rest of India’.”

Omar Abdullah talked about what Central government did on August 5, 2019 was flawed and said,  “You can wish away the merit of our case politically, but not legally. The government’s case is all political and emotional. If J&K has suffered, it is not because of its special status but because of militancy. Either militancy is the product of Pakistan or it is the product of Article 370. How can it be both? When we talk to people on the Gupkar Declaration, we will make an emotional argument. Let us see where it takes us.”

Several parties from Jammu and Kashmir joined together to fight against constitutional changes. Omar Abdullah underlined boldly that they will fight using legal action… “…one is the power that the Constitution gives us to challenge the decisions in the court; and the second is forums available, including Parliament, media, social media, and public meetings.”

Mr. Omar also said that National Conference leaders will take the voices of the regional people on the National Platform. “We are not a party that has ever subscribed to violence as a means of achieving our ends. In fact, if anything, the NC has always been the victim of violence.” he said.