Panipat: Dogs eat 2-days-old after grabbing him from general ward of a hospital  

A horrifying incidence with stray dogs killing a 2-day-old baby in Panipat, Haryana, was reported. In the general ward of the Heart and Mother Care Hospital, the dogs grabbed the newborn that was resting close to his aunt and began eating it.

On June 25, Shabnam, a pregnant lady, was admitted to the hospital, which is located in Sector 13-17 of Ansal Sushant City F Block, in order to give birth to her kid. On the same day, at 8:15 PM, she gave birth to a boy. Aas Mohammad, her spouse, was also present.

Shabnam was reportedly placed in a room in the general ward on the first floor of the hospital, according to a story in Bhaskar. She was accompanied by her husband, mother-in-law and aunt in the room. All family members except Shabnam were sleeping on the floor of the room and after the infant was fed milk, his aunt laid him down beside her on the floor.

One member opened their eyes at roughly 2:15 AM but did not notice the newborn nearby. In an effort to find the infant, every member of the family got out of bed and started running around the hospital. As they fled the hospital, they were horrified to see the infant inside a dog’s mouth who was chewing the body.

They were able to rescue the infant from the dog’s mouth and hurriedly took him to the hospital. Doctors declared the child dead and with it, the family of the infant broke down.

The newborn’s body was sent for an autopsy, and in the interim, the deceased’s family questioned the security and administration of the hospital for being completely unaware that stray canines had managed to seize an infant. A dog was seen taking the infant outside the hospital at 2:07 AM, according to hospital CCTV footage.