“PM Busy In Filling Pockets Of Some Of His Friends”, Rahul Gandhi Targeted NDA Government On Global Hunger Index Report

Congress ex-Chief and leader Rahul Gandhi attacked peculiarly on Prime Minister Narendra Modi by writing on Twitter. Mr Gandhi’s scathing attack on PM saying that Government is busy ”filling the pockets of its special friends”, reasoned behind hunger of country’s poor.

His bitter remark came after Global Hunger Index 2020 highlighted India’s position (94) which has been considered poor as compared to neighbouring countries such as Nepal and Bangladesh. Global Hunger Index includes 117 countries for rankings.

He remarked in a Hindi Tweet, ”India’s poor are hungry because the government is busy in filling the pockets of some of its special friends.” He also put out a graph which showed India ranking lower than its neighbours including Pakistan (88), Nepal (73) and Bangladesh (75).

According to the report, only 13 countries are behind India, which include Rwanda (97), Nigeria (98), Afghanistan (99), Libya (102), Mozambique (103), Chad (107).

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