PM Cares Fund : PM Modi donated Initial corpus of Rs 2.5 lakh

Prime Minister Narendra Modi donated Rs 2.25 lakh to PM Cares Fund towards the initial corpus.It was setup on March 27 following Covid19 Pandemic as per one of the official.

As per one of the reports of Economic Times on Wednesday, PM Cares Fund observed the volunteer contributions of Rs 3,076 Cr and PM donations of Rs 2.25 lakh within five days of its setup.

Official ET said, “PM Modi has a long legacy of contributing to public causes. The initial corpus of Rs 2.25 lakh for PM CARES was donated by PM.”

Modi had also donated Rs 21 lakh from his personal savings to the welfare if sanitation workers of Kumbh Mela in 2019. He had also donated the entire Rs 1.3 Cr which he received from Seoul Peace Prize in South Korea for Namami Gange Project. He wrote to Finance Minister to exempt tax from his prize money.

Officials said, “all the money that has been raised from auction of gifts and mementoes received by Modi as PM also went to the Namami Gange Mission.”

“This included Rs 3.4 crore collected from a recent auction and Rs 8.35 crore in an auction held at Surat of gifts received by the PM till 2015. While demitting office in 2014 as Gujarat CM, Modi had donated Rs 21 lakh from personal savings for educating daughters of state government staff.”

He added, “Modi had raised Rs 89.96 crore by auctioning all gifts he received as Gujarat CM and he donated this to the Kanya Kelavani Fund, which spent the money on the education of girls, said officials.”

“As per the assets declaration by Modi last year, he had total assets worth Rs 2.49 crore, including Rs 1.27 crore in a fixed deposit with a SBI branch in Gandhi Nagar and a house in Gandhi Nagar worth Rs 1.10 crore.”