PM Modi Tweets a video of two Folk Singers; Captions it ‘Bahut Badiya’: Watch Viral Video

The power of social media brings out a lot of raw talents from the hidden gems. A folk artist duo got lucky enough to experience some of that internet love when one of their videos of them playing traditional instruments was shared by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his Twitter handle.

The video was first shared by a Twitter user @brijeshchaodhry and portrays two men performing a devotional folk song. In the video one of them is playing the local Rajasthani string instrument Ravanahatha, the other person matches the strings with a tambourine.

The user commented on the video in Hindi saying, “Listen and feel the emotion,” He added that all other musicians “are failed before these singers.” He also requested people to support and encourage the country’s local talent.

The video was shared by PM Modi, appreciating the talent of the artists and captioned it in Hindi with “bahut badiya”, which means Very good.

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