PM security breach again: PM Modi’s security compromised in Vijayawada, black balloons sighted near his chopper in sky   

Security authorities are gravely concerned that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s security was “compromised” during his visit to Vijayawada on Monday. When the PM took off from the Vijayawada airport, black balloons were observed flying near to his helicopter.

Soon after PM Modi’s chopper departed from Gannavaram Airport, where a tight security perimeter had been established, four Congress protestors were detained for releasing the balloons, according to SP Siddharth Kaushal of Krishna district, who spoke to news agency ANI shortly after the event.

PM Narendra Modi spent the night in Hyderabad while travelling to Vijayawada to attend the BJP’s national executive committee meeting. When he arrived at Vijayawada, he saw Congress members holding signs denouncing Prime Minister Modi and waving black balloons.

The act of releasing the balloons close to the PM’s helicopter is perceived as a breach of the PM’s security. The police are looking into how the Congress employees entered the building close to the PM despite the security protection being in place.

As part of the investigation into the PM’s security breach in Vijayawada, it is also being reported that the Special Protection Group (SPG) and other central agencies that control the PM’s security are taking part.

BJP spokesperson Shehzad Poonawalla said, “This is a deliberate design and conspiracy by the Congress party, which time and again indulges in threatening the PM to cause harm to his body and personage. We have already seen this in Punjab, when the Channi government didn’t condemn the security breach but deliberated it. We have seen Sheikh Hussain and Subodh Kant Sahay calling upon Death for the PM.”

A security lapse occurred in PM Narendra Modi’s convoy in January of this year close to Hussainiwala in the Ferozepur district of Punjab. Due to protests near Ferozepur in Punjab, his convoy became delayed on a flyover, sparking a heated discussion about the PM’s security breakdown.