Population explosion and exploitation of Sewa Bharti: A case of Faith above nation

Call it a result of their faith or call it a crisis but India has been struggling with population explosion for years. Instead of a government implementing a population control bill this ‘minority’ expects the government to announce rewards and schemes to help them raise their children. They believe in their God being above the man-made government is God. According to Maulanas, a high birth rate is not a problem, but rather a result of God’s happiness. Every attempt by the government to curb the soaring population is forbidden in Islam.

After all, what is it that is written in the Quran which does not allow the participation of social responsibility, to the clerics and Muslims? It is not understood whether Quran is scripture or Quran is a mandate for expanding their population. Whenever there is talk of family planning, the Quran is cited by the particular religious community. From the common Muslim to the Maulvi and the Muslim MP, they have been trying to raise their voice against the population control bill with the reference to Allah and Quran.
Who is irresponsible, the government, or the religious leader of a particular religion? What problem does the government have? What does the government give us? The government takes it from us. Electricity bills, water bills, bus fares, we all have to pay. Therefore, why ask the government about children, what is the problem for others. In Islam, any kind of medicine that does not lead to pregnancy, eating it, sterilization is a crime, it is forbidden by Allah, Maulvi Sahib repeatedly explains this thing to the newer generation too.
What do they need from anyone apart from the father and mother?

The number of Muslim children is increasing in the Bal Sanskar Training Center run by Seva Bharti. The reason for this is not only poverty, but they also consider it a way to strengthen their community. At the Bal Sanskar Kendras, while free education is being provided to the deprived children of poor Muslim families, efforts are also being made to inculcate the feeling of patriotism in them.

Here’s a look at the selfish mentality of the families of this special minority, they have said that their only motive for coming to Seva Bharti, is linked to yet another religious purpose, to prepare the foundation of the children before sending them to the madrassa to study Islam so that the Maulvi Saheb gets to rest. Forget expressing gratitude for the social or service, these people are too busy only cherishing the desires of being radicalized.

Wherever Seva Bharti is near the slums, Muslim women’s first choice is Seva Bharti because they also agree that Seva Bharti renders services selflessly. By giving excellent basic education to the children, their foundation is laid here. They also request the teachers of Sewa Bharati to pay special attention to their children. Still, they aim to make only and only Indian children strict Muslims. They believe that to inculcate the values of Islam, it is necessary to send children to Madrasa.


For them, it is a matter of grief that they are not able to build a madrasa as they aren’t in a majority in that locality. “The madrassa is far away, once the children are sent there, they will not come home, so the children have to learn to read, write, wash clothes and go to the madrasa. Maulvi sahib will get angry if we or the children are negligent” Therefore Seva Bharti is their first choice for basic education.
One can resort to the social convenience of each religion for self-interest, and then the significance of Sewa Bharti is gone, once the goal is achieved, where the success is settled, Islam also shirks all its social responsibilities by referring to the Quran. How are these Indian Muslims, of India, who are in a race to hoard everything? The answer is simply turning away from reality, and quoting the will of Allah as a response.

It goes to such an extent that a student of this community to achieve his goal, will also chant Gayatri Mantra, will also sing Vande Mataram at Sewa Bharti no problem arises here because of Islam. The problem arises only when the unity of the country has to be shown by singing Vande Mataram, the national anthem in public functions. The problem arises when the talk of population control comes to light to manage and allocate the country’s resources.
The government’s efforts at promoting family planning are against their religion for them but religion does not come in the way when they want to benefit from government schemes under the name of religion.
Not just Sewa Bharti, this is the case with all resources When, where, how, and what treatment will be available in a government hospital, Indian Muslims do a lot of research even on this. And here’s the mandatory ungrateful behaviour part they have the courage to show anger even by sitting 5 -5 family members together outside the ultrasound room. Hurry up our ultrasound, it is time for Namaz, while speaking like this, Indian Muslims keep themselves, only responsible to Islam and not to the Indian society.

Coming back to how it affects the government?
They learn about government subsidies, and after producing 8 – 10 children, they also speak aloud that what difference does the government make? The government makes a difference, it makes a lot of difference, because the government has to take the responsibility of your 7-8 children from the taxes of other citizens of the country. Their vaccination, their education, and their health have to be borne by the government hospitals.

Why do they have trouble keeping the social harmony, after taking benefits from the government, and the society of the government? They keep themselves least bothered about the problems of Indian culture, society, department, administration, and how long will this stubbornness and radicalisation last. Will this radicalisation ever go away change?