Prime Minister Oli and the Ambassador Hou Yanqi a ‘Pretty-Clueless’ mix.

Nepal Prime Minister K.P. Sharma Oli has, in the past weeks, shamelessly and aggressively taken on India. Whether it is pushing ahead with amending a map that incorporates disputed territories with India, or claiming there is a ploy on in New Delhi to unseat him, Oli has been unabashed in his antagonism. This act is by many people in power is considered done in the confidence of having China at its patron.

While China’s interest in Nepal is around a decade old, it has become evident and penetrating and overwhelming. China has a direct-indirect influence in everything, starting from infrastructure to cultural elements.

Senior Retired Major Gaurav Arya on Tuesday claimed that Nepal Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has been “honey-trapped by Chinese embassy” in Kathmandu. He added that China has “recordings” as well. 

Taking to Twitter, Arya posted an image of China’s ambassador to Nepal Hou Yanqi and stated that she constrains Oli.

Jyoti Malhotra’s opinion piece in The Print reads, “Hou Yanqi’s soaring popularity is the talk of the town these days. A key part of her job, of course, is to wean Nepal away from its civilizational embrace of India and offer the charms of Beijing, instead of the all-too-familiar tramping grounds like Delhi and Banaras. By all accounts, she is succeeding rather well.”

From Nepal’s General Purna Chandra Thapa to Prime Minister K.P. Sharma Oli’s office, the Chinese Ambassador, Hou Yanqi, has access to everywhere in the Himalayan Republic. The President Bidhya Devi Bhandari welcomes her for dinners. The Tourism Minister Yogesh Bhattarai aids special open-air photoshoots for Hou. She has become a staggering impact in Nepal-choosing the internal affairs of the decision Nepal Communist Party, affecting Kathmandu’s foreign relations. 


There were clefts inside the ruling Nepal Communist Party, and KP Sharma Oli was about to get unseated. Be that as it may, Hou Yanqi bounced in to save the day for Oli. She held a progression of gatherings with the Prime Minister and previous Prime Ministers–Nepal Communist Party Chief (NCP) chair Pushpa Kamal Dhal and senior party leader Madhav Kumar Nepal. Both were at odds with the occupant Prime Minister.

KP Sharma Oli is a significant asset to China. Hence, China will cross any limits to keep him in power. Word on the street is to keep Oli in control, Yanqi masterminded the revision of Nepal’s political map claiming Indian territories of Lipulekh, Limpiyadhura, and Kalapani. 

Without taking China’s name, Indian Army General M.M. Naravane had earlier indicated that Beijing was behind Nepal’s solid dissent against India’s new connection road to the Lipulekh pass in Uttarakhand.

“I do not see any contradiction at all as far as the road to Lipulekh Pass is concerned. In fact, the Nepalese Ambassador had mentioned that the east side of Kali Nadi belongs to them. There is no dispute in that,” Gen Naravane had said in a webinar organized by an Indian think tank last month.

The Indian army chief was of the view that on the Lipulekh Pass issue, there had never been any issues arising from the Nepalese side in the past.” So there is a reason that they (Nepalese) have raised the issue at the command of another person,” he had said without referencing China.

Oli may be the Prime Minister of the nation, but it is Hou Yanqi who at present the most influential individual in Kathmandu. Her impact in Nepal is dangerously meddlesome and unparalleled.

Authorities in Nepal trust that Oli’s confrontationist position with India couldn’t have been conceivable without China’s active help.

Oli is in a tough situation again, and the Chinese Ambassador has acted the hero all over again. Nepal’s Prime Minister has been alleging that India is attempting to bring down his administration.

He is also playing the China card, saying that in 2016 too, he was expelled because of an external plot. He remarked that he was brought down when he consented to a transit arrangement with China.

Hou Yanqi and Oli are on the same page. She again met and advised various Nepal Communist Party leaders, including PM Oli himself and his adversary, Prachanda, and some different leaders. All her gatherings are based on a solitary agenda-“Party must not break, doesn’t make a difference whoever the PM, abandoning Oli will impart signs Indian won.”

Hou Yanqi is backing Oli energetically.

Not merely the Nepalese government, she is tutoring the Nepalese media as well. In February, she accused the central proofreader of The Kathmandu Post, Anup Kaphle, of being biased against China.

Yanqi then attempted to gag Nepalese media by saying, Beijing “maintains whatever authority is needed to additionally action”.

Last week when a segment of Indian media carried anecdotes about the Chinese Ambassador’s association in the map contention, Hou Yanqi decided to clear her stand by giving a long meeting to leading Nepali dailies. In Gorkhapatra she said while clarifying the Kalapani region issue, “I realize that some untrustworthy media bunches are always attempting to incite obscure feeling. The issue of Kalapani is among India and Nepal”. The Chinese agent implied that Beijing had no task to carry out in the debate.

What is happening in Nepal is bizarre. Some may support the ambassador on grounds of Feminism, and some others may say she is a negative influence and some others address her as ‘Puppet for Puppets’. A remote delegate has taken over Kathmandu and has diminished the Oli government into a puppet. This makes it a “Pretty-Clueless” mix.