Protest Against Agnipath Boomerangs for Congress as Bihar Locals Hurl ‘Deshdrohi’ Jibe at Kanhaiya Kumar  

The Indian National Congress’s (INC) “anti-Agnipath” satyagraha backfired in a big way on Tuesday in Patna, Bihar, when people started chanting against party leader Kanhaiya Kumar, who was there as part of the protest.

During the dharna, some local students made a scene because Kanhaiya Kumar was there. They called him a “deshdrohi” and yelled at him. After the Congress leader finished speaking, the young people started shouting “Kanhaiya Kumar Murdabad” at him.

After the taunts, there was a fight between Bihar Congress workers and the young people who were chanting against the leader. Republic TV got footage of the fight. Notably, the Congress had called for a nationwide “Satyagraha” against the Agnipath plan on June 27 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. in all assembly constituencies.

In February, a young person is said to have tried to throw something “chemical” at the Congress leader during a party event at the UPCC office in Lucknow. The Congress leader was there to speak at a “Yuva Sansad” that the party had set up before the state assembly elections. Even though the party worked hard to win the Uttar Pradesh elections, Kanhaiya Kumar’s “sinking ship” comment was right, and the party won only two of the 403 seats in the House.

The former president of the JNU student union and leader of the CPI joined the Congress on September 28, 2021, even though he said that the grand old party was a sinking ship. “If a big ship like Congress can’t be saved, then small boats (other opposition parties) will also sink. I’m not the only one who thinks the country can’t live without Congress “he had said.

Protests by Agnipath have the Bihar Assembly in a tizzy.

On Monday, the second day of the short Monsoon Session, both Houses of the legislature in Bihar were unable to work because the opposition was so stubborn. They demanded that the Agnipath Scheme be canceled and yelled slogans against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Lalit Yadav, the chief whip for the RJD, and Ajeet Sharma, the leader of the Congress legislative party, both asked for the meeting to be postponed so that the plan could be changed.

Even though there have been protests and outrage, the Indian Air Force says that 56,960 applications for the Agnipath recruitment scheme have already been received as of Sunday. This is only three days after the registration process began and a week after violent protests in several states against the scheme (IAF).