Rahul Gandhi Celebrates Pongal, attends Jallikattu event in Tamil Nadu

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and DMK youth wing leader Udhyanidhi Stalin visited Avaniyapuram to participate in Pongal celebrations and watch Jallikattu. Mr Gandhi flew to Madurai from New Delhi along with other party members such as K C Venugopal, Tamil Nadu Congress Committee chief K S Alagiri and Puducherry Chief Minister V Narayansamy.

After spending half an hour at the venue Rahul Gandhi returned back to New Delhi. Reporters, who were present at the Tamil Nadu Airport asked few questions to Mr Gandhi about his visit. Rahul Gandhi while answering the questions allegedly told that the Centre is trying to suppress and demotivate the Tamil spirit and considered it as the worst thing they can do to the country.

He added furthermore, “because I think Tamil culture, Tamil language (and) Tamil history are essential for the future of India and need to be respected by everybody” in the country.” Without naming anyone he said, “I have come here to give a message to those people who think they can run roughshod on Tamil people, who think they can push aside Tamil language and Tamil culture.”

Before coming to the state, he tweeted this wonderful video which reads, “Coming to celebrate Pongal with you in Madurai, Tamil Nadu.”

Mr Gandhi has praised the Jallikattu event categorically and aesthetically as well said, “..quite a lovely experience to see Tamil culture and history in action. Today on a festive occasion, I want to start by wishing everybody a happy Pongal. I also witnessed Jallikattu and had a nice time. I got a sense of why Tamil people appreciate Jallikattu. There was a sense many people had mention to me that Jallikattu is harmful to bulls.”

“I witnessed it today and I must say that the way it was done today there was absolutely no chance of either the bull getting injured. In fact, if anyone is likely to injured it was the young men who are doing Jallikattu. So I am happy to say that there have been some changes to make it safer,” he added.

While talking about the warmth he received after coming to Tamil Nadu, he added furthermore, “One of the main reason I came was today the government in Delhi is under the impression that they can destroy the cultures of this country. They believe they can suppress the emotions of the Tamil people, they believe they can crush the language of the Tamil people, they believe they can suppress the spirit of the Tamil people. I came to give them a message that nobody is going to suppress the Tamil spirit.”

He kept on talking about the love, warmth and the cultural richness of Tamilians, “There is a reason for it, first of all Tamil spirit cannot be suppressed. And second of all, suppressing the Tamil spirit is the worst thing you can do for country because the Tamil spirit like many other cultures, they are the soul of the country. So I am completely against the Idea that there is only one particular idea, language, notion in this country,” he added.

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