Rahul Gandhi on his leadership: Don’t need to lead Congress to fight, work for it

A year after Rahul Gandhi‘s resignation as Congress president, he said that he doesn’t need to be in that post to fight for the party or to work on strengthening it. 

His sister, AICC general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, said she is in full agreement with her brother that a non-Gandhi should be appointed the party chief, according to their interviews in a new book.

The book, India Tomorrow: Conversations with the Next Generation of Political Leaders, Pramod asked Rahul Gandhi what he would do if the party asks him to return as its president.

Rahul responded to this, saying: “I’m here, standing by the Congress Party and ready to fight for it because I believe in the party. I don’t need to be the Congress president in order to fight for the party or to work on strengthening it.”

Rahul Gandhi also commented on the party’s internal matters, quoting, “Congress has to develop a culture of accountability, and that “begins right at the top. I’m pretty clear in my mind that I am accountable for the 2019 (General Election) loss and that I had to step down as a consequence.”

Upon being questioned about how she envisions her family’s role in the party going forward,  Priyanka Gandhi said, “As I see my brother’s role and my role, if we could enable that process of actually empowering other young people to participate and become leaders, then we would have achieved something.”

Adding to this statement she also said: “As my brother said very clearly in his resignation letter post [after] the elections that he thinks he should take responsibility for the last election. And perhaps not in the letter but elsewhere, he has said that none of us should be president of the party and I am in full agreement with him. I think that the party should find its own path also.”

Rahul, according to party leaders, conducted several internal meetings after last year’s defeat in the General Election.

He even suggested that a non-Gandhi should be Congress president, the book says.

Priyanka also said that the family believes in the democratisation of the party and pointed out that Rahul had conducted internal elections in Youth Congress and NSUI to enable new and young talent to come in. “…oddly enough, he was attacked from within his party for it.”.