Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Acche Din’ Jibes On PM Modi, Targets Over Indian Soldier’s Situations In Sub-Zero Climate

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday again raised the issue of India-China Border Disputes and again questioned on PM Modi’s promised “Acche Din” by comparing PM’s VVIP Choppers and situations of the Indian soldiers living in Sub-Zero conditions.

He shared a news which later Press Information of India claimed it ‘fake’, Rahul Gandhi Tweeted,  “The jawans of the country are fighting PLA soldiers in extreme weather conditions from normal tents. They are unafraid. But the Prime Minister of the country flies around in an aeroplane that costs Rs 8,400 crore and he is scared to even take the name of China. Who go acche din?”

VVIP Chopper few days back landed at the Delhi International Airport for The President, The Prime Minister and Vice President from The United States. These choppers are well equipped with advanced communication system, allowing mid-air audio and video communication. Total cost of the choppers comprising cost of purchase and retrofittig the two planes had been estimated as Rs 8,400 Cr.

Rahul Gandhi juxtaposed with the similar situations of LAC, that their tents are not suitable for Sub-Zero conditions. Rahul Gandhi by taking jibes at our PM Modi over his promise of ‘Acche Din’.

“It is a fake news. Army’s additional directorate general of public information has refuted this statement,” PIB fact Check claimed.

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