Raj Babbar sentenced to two years of prison for attacking polling officer

In a case involving the assault of a polling official, a court in Lucknow sentenced Bollywood actor and Congress politician Raj Babbar to two years in jail. Babbar was found guilty of three more offences in addition to intentionally hurting someone to prevent them from carrying out their official duties. In addition, the court fined him Rs. 8,500.

At a polling place in May 1996, the poll worker reported Babbar to the police. The Wazirganj police station was where the complaint was made. Babbar was running at the time under the Samajwadi Party banner.

Babbar was there when the verdict was read aloud in the courtroom.

Shri Krishna Singh Rana is the election official who was attacked by Raj Babbar. After the event involving him, Shri Krishna Singh filed a report with the Wazirganj police station accusing a number of persons, including Raj Babbar and Arvind Yadav. According to this allegation, Raj Babbar and his followers barged into the polling location without warning, attacked the workers there, and interfered with the voting process.