Ram Mandir Inaugural date August 5-choice that accompanies political connotations.

August 5 has been finalized as the date for the Ram Mandir ‘bhoomi pujan’ in Ayodhya – a choice that accompanies political connotations.

Agendas behind 5th August date for Ram Mandir Inaugural

The date denotes the first anniversary of the revocations of Jammu and Kashmir’s exceptional constitutional status with the perusing down of Article 370 of the constitution, a long-standing interest of the Sangh parivar and one that originates before its Ram temple development by decades.

By connecting these two occasions in this way, evidently a political message is being sent.

In proposing August 3 and 5 as the favored dates for a stupendous ‘bhoomi pujan’ function. Individuals from the Ram Janmbhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust depicted these as “auspicious” days.

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While the trust spokespersons didn’t give subtleties on why these dates are “auspicious” – particularly when the coronavirus pandemic is seething and lockdown and Unlock 2.0 limitations forbid religious and other huge gatherings – the political leverage that a snappy ‘bhoomi pujan’ could yield can’t be misunderstood.


Not exclusively do the principles deny enormous gatherings however people beyond 65 years old are “advised to stay at home except for essential and health purposes”. Among the 100-150 people expected to go to the occasion are Prime Minister Modi, who is 69, and  Rajnath Singh, also 69.  It is difficult to perceive how a Boomi Pujan for a temple that has been in cessation for a considerable length of time can be considered “necessary”. Except, of course, for politics.

The BJP trusts an unequivocal move towards the development of the Ram Mandir could give it mileage in the state elections in Bihar, even in West Bengal in 2021, where Hindutva major poll plank for the party.

It has additionally been noticed that when the temple is built, it will probably be the time for the 2024 national elections.

A resigned UP-cadre IAS officer, Misra is a previous head secretary to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and has held a few key tasks, including the execution of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). Prior, he likewise filled in as head secretary to two ideologically various UP chief ministers – the Samajwadi Party’s Mulayam Singh Yadav and BJP’s Kalyan Singh. Amusingly, he was head secretary to Mulayam when the last arranged terminating on Hindu karsevaks in Ayodhya in 1990. Not long ago, he was named CEO of the trust which has been endowed with the assignment of temple construction.

While Misra got himself far from media, it was trust general secretary Champat Rai and part Kameshwar Chaupal who approached to make declarations. “We have proposed two dates – August 3 and 5 – for ‘bhoomi pujan’ and now it is up to the Prime Minister’s office to choose which of these suits the Prime Minister, we are very enthusiastic that he will be here on that auspicious occasion,” said Chaupal.

Reports say Prime Minister Narendra Modi will perform the ceremony for construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya at 12:30 PM on 5th August. This schedule finalized as per suggestions made by a group of Astrologers.

Everything BJP plans, there is a hidden agenda. While some might say it as mere assumptions, some others will support the thought. Be it the disputed Time Capsule or Uddhav Thakrey’s comment, inaugural Ram Mandir is attracting a lot of controversies. Be it as it may, amidst the Pandemic situation, organizing an event at such a huge scale is somewhat out of the line. We hope that things go as per plan & people involved are safe.

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