Remembering Late Swedish DJ Avicii on his 31st Birth Anniversary

Tim Bergling also known as DJ Avicii- remixer, record producer, musician, and songwriter who specialized in audio programming, remixing, and record producing. He started his career at the age of 16. His career gained success when he got his first break in 2011 and became the face for Ralph Lauren advertisement.

Sadly, his success came with a heavy cost of anxiety, depression, heavy alcoholism, and ultimately suicide.When he died he was 28 yr-old and had wounds from broken glass on April 20, 2018.

He was awarded with Grammy and was earning high especially during his peak from 2014 through 2016. Behind his songs there are always a beautiful hidden story.Here are some of his great work on his 31st Birthday.

1. Hey Brother

Music video which depicts a beautiful story of two brothers growing up in America during wartime. Video contains snapshots and clips of the Vietnam War and at the the end of the video, it is uncovered that the younger brother thought of his dad as a brother that he didn’t have.

2. Levels

This song was released in 2011, the music video depicts a weary businessman, who eventually starts dancing and writing “Avicii” on the tables and walls. Then a security guard walks into the office and gives him electroshock with weapon. he is admitted in the hospital he becomes unconscious and dream of pushing a big boulder up a mountain.

3. Waiting for love

A beautiful song telling story of an old man who’s care is taken by his wife.She suddenly  disappears one night along with some of her belongings and when he finds his wife missing in the morning. He searches the house and finds no trace of her. Next day he goes out in search of her wife. He roams through the countryside on his scooter, witnessing many sights and wonders in his journey and remembering the time spend with her wife in past.

4. The Nights

Inspiration for the “pirate-y fight song” came to furlong while he was at a bar in ireland. He penned this song as an ode to his father. “I had been going back and forth with Jordan and Gabe about this song idea that merged alternative rock music with the signature sound of an Irish drinking song. When I returned to Los Angeles we all went into the studio.” furlong recalls. The original idea titled “My father Told Me”. Furlong’s manager Arash pournouri recognised an immediate draw to the track, saying that the song had that same sense of euphoria which characterises so much of Avicii’s music.


5. Wake me up

This was his chart-toppingthe first to be released off his forthcoming album True. The song is about finding the path to happiness and fulfillment, despite the darkness and confusion many people struggle through on their way there.The electronic dance track introduces elements of country, pop, and rock into a pulsing dance beat and has soulful vocals courtesy of Aloe Blacc.

These are some of the top hits of DJ Avicii that one should must hear and remember him for his great music hits.