Republic TV’s reporter abusing on live TV goes viral, channel denies allegations : Read details

A clip has gone viral on the internet on Thursday where a reporter of Republic TV was seen uttering abusive language and derogatory words while reporting on some news.

It went viral and have been shared agressively on all Social Media Platforms. Various Social Media platforms  shared the clip criticising Republic TV reporter on using unethical language coming live on TV.

Reporter of Republic TV has allegedly had uttered ‘F**k Ma**rch*d’ to one of the car chased Official of Narcotics Bureau, who has carried out raids at Rhea Chakraborty’s residence in Mumbai.

Netizens posted a live feed of Republic TV making it viral to allege reporter publicly.

Republic TV’s Clarification 

As the Social Media’s outrageous trials continues to allege the reporter over using vulgar words to be said on the Live TV. Republic TV issued a Statement of clarification the same and tried to distance itself from the issue by saying that the reporter who used such a derogatory language doesn’t belong to our organization. Republic TV further added, “the one reporter, who did not belong to their organization, had taken a lift in one of the cars belonged to them.”

Republic TV also said Media to not put wrong footage and allegations to defame the channel and categorically denied all the allegations swiftly.