Rohtak nude video caller blackmailed 500 females, detained

A 22-year-old man was detained because of videocall harassment, in the last two years, he blackmailed over 500 women across Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Kolkata. Deepak Kumar, a Rohtak resident in Haryana, will make random video calls to women, strip them in front and take a screenshot before disconnecting the call. Then he will use those pictures for blackmailing.
Police alleged Deepak of videocall harassment, who had left school in Class V, employed in a Rohtak phone repair shop, and had integration of various applications that are used to mask the identification of an individual when making calls.

He then used such an application to alter the country code of the number he will be making random calls with. If a woman took the call he’d save the phone. Deepak will then make video calls to that number from WhatsApp, strip naked in front of the woman receiving the call, and either take a screenshot or film a call video.

Then he will threaten to upload the photos or videos on social media and say that the women are in a relationship with him. Deepak forced the women he threatened of videocall harassment, and often included their nude images. Many women tricked and refused to contact the police, fearing social stigma.

That continued for nearly two years. But Deepak ran out of luck when he dialed a 30-year-old female lawyer in Ghaziabad and threatened of videocall harassment. He apparently asked her he would write about the two having sexual relations on social sites, and she pressured him to strip him in front of her.

When Deepak was picked up from his Rohtak residence his phone had two SIM cards and contact information from about 550 women from different parts of the country.

Deepak was charged under IPC sections 354 (molestation) and 507 (criminal harassment by confidential communication) and related IT Act provisions.

“Setting display pictures, sharing photos, and videos with strangers should be avoided. Any case of harassment and objectionable behavior must be reported at 9643322906 without any hesitation. Women should not suffer in silence for any reason whatsoever,” says Abhay Mishra, the cyber cell in-charge of Ghaziabad police.