RSS and Intellectual Kshatriyataa: Hand not in Glove (Part -1)

This article is partly in response to the article that I read captioned “The Indic Intellectual’s RSS Angst”* sometime in August last year and partly my own calling in the light of my own experience during my 10 years journey with HSS in Canada.

भद्रं भद्रमिति ब्रुयाद्भद्रमित्येव वा वदेत् ।
शुष्कवैरं विवादं च न कुर्यात्केनचित्सह ।।
(Manusmriti 4.139)

Always speak the beneficial words of everyone. Do not protest and dispute with anyone without offense. Those words which are beneficial to others, but also strict, do not remain without telling them.
Apart from Manusmiriti, we would find similar teachings in many of our other shastra-s as well.
Especially, there are three individuals who are allowed to speak unpleasant truth viz. a mitram, a mantri, and a vaidya (a friend, a minister, and a doctor).
I am a lifelong admirer of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), and we ran Balagokulam (shakha for children) for 10 years till 2020 spring and then due to Covid, we had to stop.

During this period, I was blessed with visits by three pracharaks, true sadhus in civilian clothes, several times and had the fortune to host them at our home for several days many times and had very fruitful, engaging, and enlightening conversations with them. I found them as extraordinary individuals with complete devotion and absolute sacrifice of all material pleasures only for the cause of Dharma. When you see so much corruption everywhere, so much degradation of characters everywhere then it’s simply incredible that RSS has prepared such a lot in thousands.

Therefore, today, I am playing the role of a friend who speaks the truth, which is not pleasant because that, I think, is my svadharma and, I promise, with utmost honesty, to speak the truth.
First, let us look at what Sangh stands for by quoting from their website:
On their page vision and mission, expressed in the simplest terms, the ideal of the Sangh is to carry the nation to the pinnacle of glory, through organizing the entire society and ensuring the protection of Hindu Dharma. (
I must acknowledge that what RSS has done and is doing for preserving and promoting our dharma is unparalleled, though protecting much needs to be done and that’s the focus here. However, there is no doubt that if it was not for RSS, the story of Bharat, would have been much different and though hypothetical, would have been much worse than what we are experiencing today.
During the time since its inception, there was hardly a favorable time for it to even survive and forget about thriving. Whatever their achievement is all due to incessant hard work, complete dedication, and strong belief, its ideology, and the single-minded pursuit with which it continued. By and large, the governments at the center as well as most states were openly hostile, most of the mainstream media ran a campaign to malign it, and RSS always was shy of countering the slenderness of those campaigns.
The author of the article I am referring to takes the readers on an emotional ride rather than responding professionally. He not only calls Sai Deepak and Rajiv Malhotra but almost every non-RSS pro-Hindu intellectual either intellectually lazy or fraudulent for blaming RSS.

Sai Deepak says ‘They (means RSS leaders) do not know how to respond to the left ecosystem. They perhaps know how to canvas and organize during elections, but on a civilizational front, from the standpoint of having a vision, from the standpoint of having a narrative, very few people are exceptions to this rule from within the RSS who can articulate the position with clarity, with information, with erudition and who are able to debate a person from the left in public’. According to me, with my 10 years of experience with HSS and close encounters with some pracharaks, Sai Deepak is, in all humility, right here.

First, it’s not hidden from public knowledge anymore, thanks to the thriving social media, that 60-65 years of Nehru-Leftists combine has done immense damage to Bharat as a civilization as well as a society, almost irreversible now, and whatever good RSS and its allied organizations have done, is no match for the damage that has been brought on us.

RSS was founded in 1925. It has grown in strength today having almost a million members.
Thousands of members of this Parivar are highly educated. In fact, among those who have joined this Parivar in the last 20-25 years, hundreds of them are computer engineers, doctors, lawyers, CAs, etc. So many of them are full-time pracharaks, and most of them are bachelors by choice.
Now, let us see why Sai Deepak is right.
1. During the Congress/Congress-leftists rule in the last 60 years or so, the entire government-controlled academy was filled with their cabal and empowered them so much that today, after almost 8 years in power at the center, the Modi government is feeling helpless on so many fronts that it seems it would perhaps take 25-30 years to do a near-complete cleansing of the massive rot that has spread in almost all the spheres of public life as well as in media and entertainment industry, and that is only possible if BJP is able to rule for this entire period without any break.

2. The masterstroke of the leftists needs millions of salutations because, not just in Bharat, but in almost the entire world, they have their people in media as well academia and to a great extent even in political life. They worked strategically to establish a truly working nexus with the Islamists the world over, and in India even with evangelicals, to continue hitting and biting Hindus (Rajiv Malhotra awakened us by exposing all this in his seminal book ‘Breaking India’).

3. In Bharat, the leftists-Islamists ecosystem has spread to an extremely frightening degree in the following spheres:
A) Indian Administrative/Foreign/Police Services
B) Judiciary
C) Many universities (esp. JNU/AMU/Jadavpur/TISS)
D) Most of the English Electronic and Print media
E) Bollywood
G) Historians/Writers
So, when Sai Deepak says that ‘They (RSS leaders) do not know how to respond to the left ecosystem’, is he wrong here?
The answer is, painfully, no, here. Let us see why it is not in the next part……

Udit Shah
(I live in Canada since 2001. I am a pharmacist by profession. Translated Rajiv Malhotra’s book “Breaking India’ into Gujarati. I also volunteer for some of his works, for Samskrit Bharati, for local Mandir activities, etc.)
Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not represent the stand of this publication.