Russia’s Covid19 vaccine found safe in Human trials : Study

A Russian Covid19 vaccine has shown no serious side effects and elicited an immune response in early human trials as per a study published in The Lancet in Friday.

Russia last month registered the “SputnikV” becoming the first ever vaccine in the world and Russia became the first ever country to launch and approve Covid19 vaccine. However, the country faced criticism for approving vaccine before completion of Phase-3 trials.

According to the study, published in The Lancet, the researchers enrolled 76 healthy adult volunteers (aged 18-60 years) for the two Phase-1 and Phase-2 studies, 38 people in each study participated.

In Phase-1 of the study, two groups of the none volunteers received one dose of either recombinant Adenoviruses type 26 (rAd26) vector or combinant Adenoviruses type 5 (rAd5). Both are carrying Gene for SARS-CoV-2 spike glycoprotein (rAd26-S & rAd5-S) in a frozen form.

In Phase-2, another group of 20 healthy adult volunteers in each study received sequential doses of rAd26-S followed by rAd5-S of one of the two formulations.

Both the formulations of the vaccine we’re immunogenic in all participants, which is inducing neutralising humoral and cell- mediated responses as per studies.

The study’s authors also held that large, long-term trials including a placebo comparison and further monitoring are needed to establish the long-term safety and effectiveness of the vaccine for preventing Covid19 infection.