SBI warns customers to beware of WhatsApp calls and scam messages

State Bank of India has recently issued a warning to its customers about possible scams taking place via WhatsApp. The bank tweeted the warning listing out the ways cybercriminals may try to approach customers.

Photo: Money Control

SBI in its tweet announced that fraudsters are now targeting customers via WhatsApp calls and messages. The warning is for an ongoing scam where cybercriminals are calling SBI customers and informing them about winning a lottery. Customers are then asked to contact an SBI number to find out more about the supposed lottery they won.

SBI wrote in its warning to customers, “Please be aware that SBI never calls for personal or account-specific information through Email/SMS/Call/WhatsApp Calls.” 

It added that there’s currently no such lottery scheme offer going on and that customers should think twice if they come across any such claims. SBI also highlighted how making one mistake will give fraudsters access to your bank accounts.

These types of banking scams and frauds are quite common, and still, continue to take place. Not just with SBI but such scams can occur with customers from any bank. Despite no. of warnings from banks, people still fall prey to such frauds and end up losing a lot of money. The best way to stay safe is to be aware of suspicious calls that involve getting free money or gifts. In that case, it’s also a good idea to call up the bank and ask about such calls to confirm if it’s true or not.