Scotland Becomes The First Country To Have Universal #FreePeriodProducts To End ‘Period Poverty’

Scottish Parliament unanimously passed the legislation on Tuesday and has become the world’s first country to provide free and universal access to sanitary products for women of all age groups. Under the Act of Period Products (Free Provision) (Scotland), the Scottish Government has decided to introduce a nationwide Program ensuring women hygiene and health.

The Guardian reportedly told that the government will place a legal duty on all local authorities to make feminine hygiene products as tampons and pads available free of cost.

This step would improve the availability of sanitary pads and tampons available free of cost at nearly all public places includes community centres, youth clubs and pharmacies etc. The estimated cost will be £8.7 million pounds by the end of 2022. The Forbes magazine reported that Scotland government would make sanitary pads available in all schools, colleges and universities free of cost and accessible to all. According to Scottish Labour’s health spokesperson, Monica Lennon who earlier introduced this bill in April, 2019, the prime motive of this campaign is to eliminate “Period Poverty” by making sure that every single woman gets access to sanitary products.

While speaking to The Guardian she told, This will make a massive difference to the lives of women and girls and everyone who menstruates. There has already been great progress at a community level and through local authorities in giving everyone the chance of period dignity.”

“There  has been a massive change in the way that periods are discussed in public life. A few years ago there had never been an open discussion of menstruation in the Holyrood chamber and now it is mainstream. MSPs have enjoyed being a part of that, and it has encompassed the menopause, endometriosis, as well as the types of products we use and their sustainability.”

This new law has been welcomed with both hands by several women rights association of not only Scotland but also all around the world.

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