Why is BJP welcoming Shaheen Bagh agitators? Read Details

BJP leader Nighat Abbass has confirmed that over 50 people will be joining from Shaheen Bagh, including many who supported CAA and many who were against it.

Previously, this Sunday, BJP announced that several Muslim residents of Shaheen Bagh, where a massive protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act was held for months, have joined the party.

Delhi BJP president Adesh Gupta said over 100 people from the community had joined the party as they support the Prime Minister’s effort to reach out to every section of society and end triple talaq.

“These people were influenced by BJP’s effort to reach out to everyone, and not use them as a vote bank. Today’s event shows that Muslims’ faith in the party has increased, “he quoted.

Social activist Shahzad Ali, who was among those who joined, said, “People who were protesting here wanted that someone from the government should come here and end the confusion. Today too, I said that if there is some confusion, I will raise it on the party platform. We will sit together with them over CAA concerns.”

Asif Anis, an architect who lives in the area, after joining BJP said that “The protest was never against any party but against the Act.”.  Upon being questioned if he supports CAA or not, he said, “I am neither against it nor in its favor because whether it comes or not doesn’t affect the people of the country. This is the time to focus on a bigger crisis.”