‘Siberian Tigress Hugging The Tree’ Won The Wildlife Photography Of The Year: See Other Winners

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2020 awards list is here: A picture of Tigress hugging a tree won photography of the year. Wildlife Photographer of the Year is developed and produced by the Natural History Museum, London. Sergey Gorshkov became the ‘Photographer of The Year’ with his picture capturing intimate moments of the Siberian Tigress hugging a tree in the Russia Far East.

1 | Siberian Tigress Hugging A Tree

This absolutely unseen moment has been captured by hidden cameras, enraptured the photographer as tigress standing on its hind legs to embrace an ancient Manchurian fur, “rubbing her cheek against bark to leave secretions from her scent glands”.

Credits: Sergey Ghorshkov

WPY chair of judges Roz Kidman-Cox says, “The lighting, the colours, the texture – it’s like an oil painting.” She exclaimed to BBC News, “It’s almost as if the tiger is part of the forest. Her tail blends with the roots of the tree. The two are one.”

In the last century, Russia’s tigers we’re almost hunted to extinction but after that greater protection may have resulted in spike in their numbers. Mr Gorshkov took 11 months to capture this rare moment with rare camera traps.

2 | Fox Eating A Barnacle Goose.

Siberian Tigress followed by fox eating a barnacle goose, captured by Liina Heikkinen (under 15-17 category) from Finland. Surprisingly, this 13-Year old captured a fox dragging the goose into a crack, keeping away his hungry sibling from his food.

Wildlife Sergey Gorshkov
Credits: The Guardian

3 |  Picture Of A Proboscis Monkey

Picture of a proboscis monkey won recognition captured by Mogens Trolle from Denmark. This picture was captured by the Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary in Borneo. This picture is different from other monkey pictures because of its nose, which came about to be its most distinctive feature.

Wildlife Sergey Gorshkov
Credits: DW

4 | Etna’s River Of Fire

Etna’s riverof fire by Luciano Gaudenzio won in the category Earth’s Environments.

Wildlife Sergey Gorshkov
Credits: BBC

5 | Polar Bear At A Russian Circus

A photo of a polar bear at a Russian circus by Kirsten Luce took the top spot for 2020. The photographers has spent months documenting and photographing animal abuse.

Wildlife Sergey Gorshkov
Credits: National Geographic

6 | Male Gharial Carrying Its Offsprings

Several pictures from India also made it to the “Highly Commended” list of 2020. Among these is a stunning shot of a large male gharial carrying its offsprings. The picture was clicked at the National Chambal Sanctuary in Uttar Pradesh by Dhritiman Mukherjee.

Wildlife Sergey Gorshkov
Credits: Popular Science 

This male was left in sole charge of his month-old offspring, observes Dhritiman, who spent many days quietly watching them from the riverbank.

7 | Five-Foot Snake And An Eagle

One shot from a long struggle between a five-foot snake and an eagle in Tamil Nadu was captured by Sambath Subbaiah. The picture was “Highly Commended” by judges.

Wildlife Sergey Gorshkov
Credits: Storytrender

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