Slip of tongue leads to Controversy when Assam CM Himant say ” PM Amit Shah and Home Ministry Modi”

GUWAHATI: Himanta Biswa Sarma, Chief Minister of Assam are now into controversy for addressing Amit Shah “Prime Minister” and “Home Ministry” Modi at a public event.

It’s a huge mistake which gave change to the opposition Congress for taking Himant’s into the limelight for the controversial statement.

Meanwhile senior BJP leaders are discussing how to get out of this controversy and said it was a slip of tongue, but as we all know Congress won’t leave a single change to target us, as they are sharing the clip and raising questions like BJP has already chosen their “next Prime Minister”.

Rupam Goswami, BJP spokesperson gave a direct answer and said: as we all know nothing left for Congress to make an issue or to fight back, that’s why they are picking some useless stuff.

“BJP is ruling Assam that’s why Congress are showing their Anger while targeting the CM Himant. They had no real issues to politically fight with BJP, so they are trying to flag a non-issue.This was an inadvertent slip of tongue and can happen with anyone,” Rupam Goswami added.

The incident took place when Mr Sharma was speaking in his mother tongue, and Saud welcomed “Prime Minister Amit Shah” and “Home Minister Narendra Modi”- mix-up while addressing hundreds of people sitting under a large tent.