‘Smart Plant’ will purify your room in just 20 minutes : Delhi Startup

From the past few years, there is an increase in the level of pollution. The food we consume, the air we breathe and freshwater has been badly affected due to pollution. It has become for the people to consume anything fresh and original.

Because of this people have shifted to ‘organic’ products and purifiers. Many technologies have been developed to purify the surroundings and constant research are being held.

One such technology was recently developed by an alumnus of IIT, Kanpur. The groups of friends invented ‘smart biofilter’ named it ‘Ubreathe’. It purifies your surrounding by natural air purification system.

“Air-purifying plants absorb air from the atmosphere, which goes to the root zone where the pollutants are purified. The oxygen that is generated is expelled by the plant. But, this process is slow as the flowerpot constricts space for supplying air,” says Sanjay Maurya, co-founder of UBreathe. 

Sanjay Maurya, a mechanical engineer student from IIT, Kanpur came up with this innovative idea with some of his colleagues and seniors from IIT. They started with some basic ground research. After research, they found out that available air purifiers were either natural plants or artificial system, which were expensive.

The team came up with a smart bio-filter that combines air-purifying plants with technology to amplify the output of purified air.

How does it work?

“The smart flower pot does not have any extra filters, but simply amplifies the purification process. There is an axial fan which creates a suction pressure inside the flowerpot, and releases purified air, formed at the roots, through the outlet at a faster pace. To ensure that the purification at the roots happens faster, the soil is enriched with additional microbes, a secret concoction we have, that breaks down the pollutants,” says Sanjay Maurya.

The cost of the purifier is worth Rs 5000 and is only sold out in Delhi-NCR. The team is working on the solution to transport it across the country. To place an order you can order here.