Sneak Peak : Everything inside the IPL’s quarantine zone

Travel is the first of several ‘hurdles’ players who will have to clear up before IPL begins on September 19. Teams such as Rajasthan Royals, Kings XI Punjab, and Kolkata Knight Riders were the first of the eight teams to land in the UAE.

Two Coronavirus check-ups were conducted out one in India for the squad, another on arrival in the UAE. Within six days, they’ll be checked twice again. They will only be allowed to join the ‘family bio-bubble’ if all the results are negative. Until then, isolation.


The isolation procedure is clarified by a team member who has traveled with the teams. The individuals are not permitted to meet others, residing in a different wing of the resort which is cut-off from other residents. The lawn was sealed off outside the houses and labeled with tape. Team members are only permitted to travel inside the demarcated room.

If a player still shows symptoms, he will be separated and instantly start contract tracing. BCCI contains a list of accredited hospitals that will deal with such cases.

Mental health is a concern without contact with the outside world, especially when living in a confined space.

When the quarantine period is over, the Royals, like the other teams, will be given time to practice, most likely at the resort’s ICC Cricket Academy which is half an hour drive away.

This involves stretching, resistance-band practice, strengthening exercises, and squat, push-up, and yoga exercises. Just about four weeks to go for IPL, the RR trainers will slowly raise the load on the players starting just strength and conditioning and culminating in full net practice and warm-up matches.

“Almost 75 % of our players are from India where no play was possible for the major part of the last six months. Apart from the overseas boys, some of whom are currently playing international cricket, we have work to do,” says Gloster, ex-team physio.

It will not all cricket practice, and no fun games, Gloster says. The resort has a football field and a volleyball and basketball court and the initial days will be dedicated to members’ bonding sessions.

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