Sonu Sood’s promise to the ‘Warrior Aaji’: Read Details

They say ‘age is just a number’ and with their achievements, many have proved this saying. One such woman age of 85 had recently made headlines was Shantabai Pawar, now regarded as a ‘Warrior Aaji.’ who went viral online as she demonstrated martial arts skills on the streets of Pune with bamboo sticks, will now train disciples in her training school, courtesy of Sonu Sood.

On the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, Sonu opened a martial arts school for Shanta Pawar. “This dream of my mine has been fulfilled by Sonu. I have named my school after him. I am very thankful to him.” Says Aaji

In Sonu Sood Martial Arts Academy, a few students can be seen learning with bamboo sticks. Aaji will teach self-defense strategies for women and young children in the training program. Recently, Sonu had agreed to open a school for her when he saw Aaji ‘s viral street videos. He has now delivered on his word.

Khatron Ke Khiladi recently featured Aaji on the occasion of Independence Day. She has decided to work on the streets to support herself and her children. A video widely posted on social media shows her one stick spinning and then two sticks spinning at a rapid pace before finding alms.