SpaceX completes its first Polar orbit mission, Falcon’s 9 nailed the shore landing : See pictures

SpaceX is back in action launched its signature and one of the dignified project Falcon 9 rocket in the morning.

Elon Musk’s Space company placed successfully Argentina’s SAOCOM and 1B satellite and two smaller Piggyback satellite into Earth’s orbit. Elon Musk’s space company also completed its first polar orbit mission from Florida.

Making the use of the Earth’s gravitation spin in order to reach low orbits. So the rocket flew towards the south side of the US Eastern coast instead along Polar Corridors.

Falcon’s 9 reusable booster also made headway with a rare off-shore landing. The booster which usually can be found in over the Atlantic Ocean was finally touched down the coast of Cape Canaveral.

Falcon 9‘s SAOCOM 1B mission — from launch to landing

SpaceX also launched Argentina’s Earth Observation Satellite SAOCOM 1B along with two small piggyback satellites off the coast for Florida in the US at almost around 4:48 am Indian Standard Time (IST).

SpaceX catches Falcon’s 9 rocket head. Credits : businessinsider

Nine minutes into its journey towards outer surface of Earth’s atmosphere. The booster’s first stage initiated its usual sonic booms as it returned back to the landing zone on the planet.

These sonic booms aren’t just for showoff. Sounds of the boosters dancing through orbital ballet as it reaches its landing position. Once it reached the right place, the booster conducted a series of three engine burns in order to slow itself down to gently touchdown.

SpaceX has two ships which it uses with Unique instructions to booster recovery for example, Of course I Still love You and Just Ready. These unique codes are usually found drifting out in the Atlantic Ocean which triggers SpaceX to launch more frequently.

Focus Points 
  • Elon Musk-owned SpaceX launched three satellites this morning and successfully recovered Falcon 9’s booster.
  • The booster used for the SAOCOM 1B launch has now successfully been used for four missions but is yet to break the current record — six successful launches.
  • The booster’s successful in return also marks SpaceX’s first polar orbit mission from Florida.

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