#SpeakUpForWomenSafety Trends On Twitter Demanding Strict ‘Women Safety Laws’ By Congress

After a series of henious acts on women and girls in the several parts of our country outraged the demands for strong laws against perpetrators. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi criticised Government several times on increasing actions of Rape and violence on women and young girls in the country. And today, Congress made #SpeakUpForWomenSafety trends on Twitter demanding solid laws through Videos for women safety.

Congress tweeted, “Every 16 minutes one of our sisters, our mothers, our daughters are subjected to a crime so henious it snatches their dignity, their agency and their right to life. Remember every 16 Minutes. We cannot and must not stay silenced. We must #SpeakUpForWomenSafety

Look At Some Video Messages Supporting #SpeakUpForWomenSafety






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